2017 1-Year Reunion BBQ

Long time no see, Class of ‘17!

Old Boys Rugby 2018

Photos from the day below 

1978 40-Year Reunion Dinner

40 years on, but you wouldn't know it! Big thanks to all who attended. 

1988 30-Year Reunion Dinner

Thanks to all who attended the dinner, hard to believe it's been 30 years! Photos from the evening below. 

2018 OTGA CBD Lunch with John Gillam 

Some flicks from this year's CBD Lunch at the RACV Club. Wonderful turnout of 80+, great to see some familiar faces!

1986 30 Year Reunion Dinner

1976 40 Year Reunion Dinner

There was great turnout amongst the Class of 1986 OTGs to reunite over dinner. Many thanks to their former teacher, David Bevan, for joining.

Many thanks to the 30 OTGs from the Class of 1976 who attended their Reunion Dinner in August. Those in attendance were joined by their former Science Teacher and House Master, Dr. Karl Nelms.

2016 CBD Lunch with Joshua Funder

2006 10 Year Reunion Dinner

It was great to hear from Joshua Funder (OTG1989) at our first CBD Lunch for 2016 as he discussed innovation and investment in the Australian economy.

Thanks to the 40 OTGs from the Class of 2006 who attended their Reunion Dinner. The boys enjoyed tales from their Head of Year 12, Bob Hillman.

2016 Gold Mitre Lunch

2016 CBD Lunch with Luke Power

Sincere thanks to the over 100 OTGs who attended the Gold Mitre Lunch, especially the members of the Class of 1966 who were inducted in the club.

Held at the RACV Club, there was a great turnout of OTGs to hear Luke Power (OTG1997) reflect on his remarkable career in the AFL.

2016 London Dinner

It was fantastic to see so many OTGs, and former staff member Richard Pearson, attending the London Dinner in July, held at the Sloane Club. Thanks to James Hopkins (OTG2001) for hosting the pre-dinner drinks at the London Cocktail Club and Harry Swinnerton (OTG2002 for the excellent photographs.